Her Intuition

Chapioning women's rights, Inspring women to lead.


Even though finding after finding has proved that companies which have women in executive positions typically have higher profits than those with less or no female representation in managerial roles, the corporate world is clearly still coy about the idea of integrating women in leadership positions.

A 2016 report by the Peterson Institute for International Economics revealed that nearly a third of 22,000 firms sampled in 91 countries had no woman whatsoever on their boards or c-suite jobs, and 95% did not have a female CEO. In Africa, according to McKinsey & Company Women Matter Africa report, only 5% of private companies have female CEOS.

This blog therefore seeks to inspire more women to break the glass ceiling by pursuing leadership roles in the corporate world. We will share stories to shine light on what women have achieved, and how having women in leadership roles breaks down cultural and structural barriers, improving leadership around the world.

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